ASUS M11AA Desktop PC

Windows 10 Upgrade Problem and Solution



In January 2016, I bought an ASUS M11AA Desktop, Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 2TB with Windows 10 installed.

Over the past two years, it has been upgraded to Windows 10 1607-1703.

Then in late 2017, the upgrade component tried to install Win10 1709, and failed.
The symptoms were that it would fail to reboot properly during the upgrade process, so that a forced power-down would be required at each step, followed by an automatic restore of the previous version of Windows, which at that time was 1703.

Microsoft were helpful, but couldn't fix the problem without a manual install of a 1709 ISO.
Of course, this meant that I had to re-install all my software, which was not a trivial matter.
But at least the PC was now working with 1709.

Then in Spring 2018 came the next Windows 10 upgrade, to 1803.
The same thing happened in that the reboots during the upgrade process failed, but I was not going to suffer a re-install this time.

I spoke to the EU ASUS support team who were particularly unhelpful, just telling me that this model was not guaranteed to work with Windows 10.

Then by chance, I came across a reference on a random blog of someone who had a similar problem in the USA with an ASUS desktop, and pointing to the WiFi network adapter card.
The WiFi NAC was the same one that was installed in my M11AA , an RT3090-PCIE card .
This card was supplied by ASUS when the PC was purchased.

At this point, my desktop had Win10 1709 installed
I removed that WiFi NAC from my M11AA, tried to initiate an upgrade to 1803, and ..... IT WORKED .
The PC operated normally, now running under Win10 1803.

I then reinstalled the WiFi NAC, and the PC worked fine.
A couple of weeks later a monthly update of 1803 was necessary.
Yes, the upgrade failed - I removed the NAC - the upgrade completed correctly and the PC works fine.

I have permanently removed the WiFi NAC card, and now wait for the 1809 update to arrive in November.

Hope this helps anyone else out there with a perfectly good ASUS desktop PC but with Win10 upgrade problems.